Nyra CMS

Nyra Content Management System is software developed by Crea8if. This software can be used to create and manage web site of different kinds. Nyra CMS is a very powerful tool flexible enough to meet variety of web needs. 
Features Highlights 

Eeasy To Use

Nyra CMS has a very beautiful and easy to use admin interface. The navigations in the administration are are fairly straight forward and has fast learning curve.

High Performance 

A second delay in response time can chase site visitors away.The CMS uses caching mechanisms to speed up the application. Even on a shared hosting system, it performs well.


The CMS uses plugin system. This allows you extend it's functionality to suit your needs. You can use it to create school portals, e-commerce websites, bloga, portfolio websitea and so one. There are pre-built modules that can be installed and more are developed everyday.

Cloud Storage System

You can choose to save site uploads on server or use 3rd party cloud storage such as Amazon Cloud Storage solution.


Necessary measures are taken to ensure that there is no loop hole for attacks. You can easily install updates from the back-end.